Body Massage


Massage is the gateway to many other treatments and therapies and will open up career opportunities and client potential. It is the root of all body work therapies enabling you to progress onto advanced techniques, such as, Hot Stone, Aromatherapy, Bamboo Massage and sports massage techniques. The GTi Body Massage course covers massage techniques, a full body massage routine and the preparation you need for the treatment.
Your course will start with theory on-line and once completed you are ready to commence your practical training. This is delivered over 2 days, with the second day being 2 weeks later. This gives you time to practise the techniques you have learnt and return for some more in-depth techniques and fine tuning. After your 2 days initial training you are required to complete 6 case studies from home and then return after one month for your final assessment.

Pay a 50% deposit per item
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Cost: GTi Award – £399 or upgrade to City & Guilds – £495
Duration: 3 days (9.30am til 3pm) Incl half day assessment
Kit Required: None but you will need a massage couch to practise at home. Please order after Day One so that we can advise the best couch to suit your needs.
Entry requirements: None
Case Studies: 3 individual clients x 2 treatments
CPD Points : 39
Qualification Obtained: GTi Award (For City and Guild option please ask for details)

Module List
• Introduction, Reception and Consultation
• The Cellular System
• The Muscular System
• Muscle Positions & Actions 1
• Muscle Positions & Actions 2
• The Skeletal System Bone Structure
• The Skeletal System Bone Position
• The Circulatory System
• The Lymphatic System
• The Nervous System & The Endocrine System
• The Respiratory System & The Digestive System
• The Skin
• Contra-indications & Contra-actions
• Preparing For Treatment
• Massage Technique
• Perform Manual Massage – Front & Back Of Leg
• Perform Manual Massage – Hand & Arm
• Perform Manual Massage – Neck, Shoulder, and Chest
• Perform Manual Massage – Abdominal
• Perform Manual Massage – Back & Neck
• Treatment Adaptations & Aftercare



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